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Jets-Bill/Oregon-Oregon State Open Thread

We've got a pair of games going on tonight potentially worth checking out.  The Jets-Bills matchup on the NFL Network is a bit intriguing with the Jets sitting at 5-6 and just on the edge of the playoff bubble in the AFC.  And if you want to boo Terrell Owens here's your chance.

Possibly more important is the Civil War tonight between Oregon and Oregon State.  It's the biggest game in the history of the series because for the first time ever, this matchup will decide who goes to the Rose Bowl: Oregon or Oregon State.  Matt Barrows had an interesting post yesterday that included a few players on both sides worth checking out.  The players he pointed to include:

1. S TJ Ward
2. TE Ed Dickson
3. RB LaGarrette Blount

Oregon State
1. QB Sean Canfield
2. WR James Rodgers
3. DT Stephen Pea

I'm thinking that as we get into bowl season we'll come up with posts of players worth watching in the various bowl games.  It will certainly be a worthwhile jump on the draft season.