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Golden Nuggets: Pro bowl? Sweet.

Good morning everyone. Apologies for not having links for you yesterday, there were delays in my travel plans and it didn't come together as planned. It also slipped my mind to let Fooch know I wouldn't be able to do it, I suppose I figured I'd get there in time. Still, I'm back, I know you all missed me but it's all good, I'm here now. Uhh... as far as the 49ers go I've been kind of busy so I don't know what links I have for you. All I've heard is that a couple 49ers made the pro bowl, which is awesome, I'm glad they're getting recognition. Vernon Davis really did deserve it, I hope he goes and has a lot of fun with it. I'm also glad Patrick Willis continues his streak, I hope he makes it every year. That being said, I'm going to get to your links.

Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis and Andy Lee all made the pro bowl. Good stuff. (

A look ahead at the upcoming rematch with the St. Louis Rams. (

LB Patrick Willis only gets better--and I love him for it. Great stuff. (

I still can't believe the Niners couldn't turn six turnovers against the Lions into points. Ugh. (

Here's a Yahoo 49ers team report. (

God this man is useless and I don't care who knows it. Horse you rode in on, blah blah blah.. Oh well. (

Certainly hoping the 49ers go out with a win. We need to finish .500. (

Why do the 49ers continue to claim Seahawks defensive lineman? This one doesn't even have a cool name. (