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Greg Manusky Approval Rating, Week 16

Greg Manusky remains one of the more popular individuals in the 49ers world, even after a tough loss to the Eagles. Manusky's approval rating last week was 93%, even with a less than inspiring defensive performance. Do folks view that as more an execution issue, as opposed to the play-calling complaints about Jimmy Raye?

Yesterday I tried to focus the discussion on Jimmy Raye's draft needs/wants and how important specific needs were. I thought we'd do the same thing with Greg Manusky today. So, again, if you were Greg Manusky, and McCloughan and Singletary asked you what positions you'd specifically like addressed, what would your response be. This is not a question of players, because given how busy you are as DC, you probably haven't watched a ton of college football, and thus don't know all the big names at many of the positions. Rather, it's a question of simply filling positional holes, and letting football ops figure out the specific guys.

You again want to address what you'd want to be filled with your via the draft versus veterans in free agency. You also will need to rank them in order of importance. Is it more important to find another pass rushing OLB, or has the development of Ahmad Brooks pushed that down the list? The team has a lot of potential in Dashon Goldson, but are you concerned with his big hitting and prefer he move to strong safety, thus creating a need at free safety? And if you do that, does that mean you'd want the team to cut Michael Lewis? There are plenty of questions, so let's see what you consider the answers.