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Golden Nuggets: Those penalties hurt..

G'morning. That was a rather.. boring Thursday night game, but oh well. Was anybody expecting it to be better? I regret not watching the Oregon game, but what are ya gonna do? Football is football I suppose. Anyway, moving on from that I have a good amount of links for you again today. We've got some previews and some long looks at the Seahawks. I don't know how I feel about this game, I'm a little bit nervous because nobody really knows how the Seahawks are going to play and well... nobody knows how the San Francisco 49ers are going to play either, you know? It could go either way but I'm looking for the 49ers to keep the hope alive and put a stomping on them, in all modesty. Still, I've got some other articles, another piece about Ahmad Brooks for some reason and even more about the spread offense. I haven't read any of 'em yet, but here you go. Enjoy your links folks. Or at least, you better enjoy them. Or else.

The game Sunday represents a crossroads for both teams. I'm OK with leaving the 'Hawks at theirs so long as we blow past 'em for a win. (

A look at the players who have drawn the most penalties in the NFC West... I'm really bothered to see Vernon Davis on there, but I guess he's producing in a very good way. (

LB Ahmad Brooks is looking for a fast start. (

The Seahawks got themselves a new GM, at least in an interim role... Let's hope he can't lead them to any kind of victory. I mean that with um, respect and stuff. (

Patrick Willis thinks the Seahawks will be looking to get revenge on him, not for their loss last time, but for the loss of their QB, Matt Hasselbeck when Willis hurt his ribs. (

Here's some 49ers and Seahawks injury updates. (

OC Jimmy Raye says the "spread" offense is a misnomer. (

Hey there is nothing wrong with a stingy defense--I hope it continues throughout the rest of the season. I do not want to be friends with this defense. I don't want this defense to lend me five dollars. I want to fear this defense.(

Here's some conference calls concerning the Seahawks. (

Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan both bring stability to the WR position. (

The offensive line will be facing a big test against the Seahawks pass rush at Qwest Field. Oh and apparently Chilo Rachal is playing good now? I somehow doubt it. (

Frank Gore can be the answer to any offensive system. (

TE Vernon Davis is on the verge of breaking the 49ers franchise record for TE touchdowns in a season. (

Make sure to check out the NFL game center for Sunday's game. (

Upset probabilities in the NFC West. (