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Golden Nuggets: Nervous, but confident... enough

Well folks we're one day away from the game against the Seattle Seahawks. I'm nervous, I'm not gonna lie. I have faith in my 49ers to win, and I even think they have the potential to win big what with the disarray and the way the 'Hawks are playing lately, but I never feel completely confident about a divisional matchup. I mean come on, when the 49ers played the Rams at home I wasn't even completely confident, I was at that game and I just had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. We're just a couple games back of the Cardinals, which is funny that I say that because before the Jags game nobody really expected to be even looking to the playoffs again this season, but here we are... If the 49ers don't beat the Hawks, I think the Niners don't make the playoffs, it's as simple as that. Not sure what I have for you in the way of links but I'll post up what I got, I'm also running a bit late which sucks. Enjoy.

I'll start with a piece on TE Delanie Walker since he's a pretty awesome guy and one of my favorite players. Pretty underrated too, in my mind. (

Sando has his "final word" on the NFC West for this week, basically his last look ahead before the games tomorrow. (

Can this team make the playoffs from their current position at 5-6? It's been done before. (

LB Takeo Spikes is again listed as questionable going into a game. (

Here's some insights from and on Jimmy Raye, a look at him and the offense he is running. (

Ahmad Brooks is joining the linebacker rotation in an increased role tomorrow. (

Here's a pretty good look at some of the last drafts and who from said drafts are current starters in the NFC West, it focuses on the Seahawks and Cardinals but the 49ers are a solid point of comparison. (

49ers fans do indeed still have hope! (

What to call the 49ers offensive scheme? Definitely not the spread, that's for sure. (

Here's a 49ers team report from Yahoo. A sort of preview and an update on the team. (

TE Delanie Walker adds another dimension to any game he plays in. Defenses have to account to him in some form. (

The growth of 49ers QB Nate Davis continues behind the scenes. (

Here is yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Teams Talk: Brandon Jones talks about the Seahawks. (