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Championship Saturday Open Thread

While we eagerly await tomorrow's 49ers-Seahawks battle, today is a huge day for college football.  I know we've got a lot of college football fans here, as well as plenty of folks interested simply for the NFL draft possibilities.  The games have already begun, but clearly the big one is Florida-Alabama at 1pm.  Matt Barrows got some information from NFL Draft Scout's Rob Rang with a look at some of the key players in that game.

Championship games
Big East championship game: Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh

Conference USA championship game: Houston vs. East Carolina

SEC championship game: Florida vs. Alabama

Big 12 championship game: Texas vs. Nebraska

ACC championship game: Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

Other games
New Mexico St. vs. Boise State

West Virginia vs. Rutgers

Arizona vs. Southern California

California vs. Washington

Personally, I'm rooting for Nebraska to upset Texas.  If that happens, TCU would likely sneak into the national title game.  There are no guarantees, but it's certainly possible.  A little Mountain West love in the title game would be a wonderful thing.  So feel free to discuss any of the games today.  A few have started, but there is a lot of big-time college football left to be played today.