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Golden Nuggets: War Niners!

Hello folks! To explain the title, it's because I'm all jacked up on MMA right now (it's legal to be jacked up on MMA I think if not I'm probably fired) and that's how you root for your favorite fighter so... Why not, right? Anyway, I'm writing this a bit early so I can get some needed rest and be up in time to watch the game, kind of bummed out as usual for away games because I can't attend, though I'm seriously considering going to a road Seattle game next season. I have a good feeling the Niners can walk in there and come out with an impressive win, but everything has to be perfect. The Seahawks have looked deflated, but we never know which 'Hawks team will show up on any given day and Hasselbeck can come out and decide that he is in fact, not old and unreliable and light up the 49ers struggling secondary. Lets hope that doesn't happen though, shall we? Not sure what I have for you in the way of links but you know what to expect on game day. Lets do this, gents! FOOOOORRRRTYYYYYYY NIIIIIIIIIINERS! (Cookie to who gets the rather lame and nerdy reference.)

One of the best summations for what's going down on game day, Maiocco has some notes and a preview. (

TE Delanie Walker has been getting some press since last week--he deserves it, I've always thought he was a pretty dynamic player. He could present some problems for the Seahawks. (

Coach Singletary is putting his focus on the defense's tackling--yet again. I hate missed tackles more than almost anything else. The thought process is something along the lines of "Ok he has the ball, but (lets say) Spencer has the angle.. Alright, held them on thir--WHAT WHY DID YOU DO THAT YOU STUPID..." cut off for site decorum. (

The team is getting ready for the loud noise of the Seahawk's stadium. (

The 'Hawks have two running backs on the injury report... looks like it's up to the 49ers secondary to get the job done today. (

It's a safe bet that the 49ers scouts had the SEC games on their TiVo yesterday. (

LB Takeo Spikes will be a game time decision after appearing on the injury report again. (

Here's five 49ers with something to prove in this game. (

Great stuff here... Clips of just about all the main things said about and from the 49ers (and the rest of the NFC West) per Sando's blog. (