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San Francisco 49ers vs. Seattle Seahawks Game Thread #3

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We've reached the end of the first half of a game that has been incredibly sloppy for both teams.  We sit at 14-14 and I don't know which team should be happier.  The Seahawks have struggled much of this season and would love to play the spoiler.  Of course, the 49ers burned all their timeouts early and have done what they can to hand the Seahawks the game in the first half.  So the 49ers should probably be happy they're not down at this point.

The 49ers get the ball to start the second half, so let's hope everybody (including Mike Singletary) gets their heads straightened.  The 49ers spent a good portion of the first half playing incredibly disorganized football, and will not win this game if it keeps up.  So time to clean it up.