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Golden Nuggets: The morning after the morning after... still sucks

Good morning there folks. Sorry I couldn't get the Nuggets up yesterday but thanks to Fooch for handling them for me. It clearly was not my night. Oh well, I figured when I asked him that it may be for the better so I'm not a bitter [site decorum] when I write these but well... It really didn't work, because I still have no clue how to feel about the 49ers right now. Obviously there is um.. still a chance that the 49ers can make the playoffs but I'm not going to let myself even think it's a possibility at the moment. No, that's not a lack of fandom, I want this team to finish strong and show the rest of the NFL we're better than we've played, these 4 point losses are infuriating and this team has to recover to be a force next season. I look at this roster and I see a team that's in far better shape than the Rams and the Seahawks and on par to make the Cardinals look just terrible once old man Warner retires. Bring on some last minute wins, baby. Here's some links.

Coach Singletary is still upset by the officiating in the game Sunday. (

Most notably the unfavorable calls against the 49ers as well as the blatant non-calls. (

He's not playing the blame game though, which at least makes me respect him a little more. Not happy with him at the moment. Lets just say if I saw him in person I'd likely end up getting my [site decorum] kicked. (

Could naming Alex Smith the starter be saving Singletary and McCloughan's jobs? Huh. (

Mike Singletary hits rewind on the loss to Seattle. (

Monday's locker room talk from well, Monday. (

Here's yesterday's edition of Singletary's Notebook. (

Wow I haven't linked here in a long time, must be for lack of credibility or integrity, but when it's just stats and notes, hey it's useful. (

Singletary discusses the offense and the questionable officiating. All these notes seem to be Singletary talking... he does a lot of that these days. (

If Alex Smith could have any throw back, it'd be his last throw which was just.. a bad pass. (

I suppose it isn't too early to look ahead at some of the 49ers opponents for 2010. Hm... (

[insert the Kawakami link here that I wont link to because I can't describe it without saying some pretty offensive things about him]

Yeah, this was my "OK, WHAT?" moment of the game. The punt return handoff? Even I knew that kind of thing works with Rossum-Clements.. NOT Battle-Jones. C'mon man. (

I agree with this one.. Alex Smith certainly did his part to win the game. (