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49ers-Cardinals: The Monday Night Football Crew

Since the 49ers will be playing on Monday Night Football this week, we'll get a chance to hear 49ers-related insight from Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden.  Whether you like the three or not, there is most definitely some knowledge in that group.

Over the course of this season I've actually missed out on the announcing for most Monday Night Football games.  My schedule included a Monday night class.  This Monday I've got a final exam during the day, but will be able to watch the game life live.  Up until now, I've watched one Monday Night game (Washington-Philly).  I've always been a fan of Ron Jaworski, so I can deal with him quite well.  I'm especially curious to hear what he has to say about Alex Smith during the game.  Jon Gruden, on the other hand, seems to be a mix of good and bad.  The bad is that we get too much in the way of obvious comments.  The good is that he seems to bring a solid amount of excitement and of course he's knowledgeable about football.

However, I can't really provide too much insight.  I caught the one Washington-Philly game, and I've seen the tail end of a couple other games, but that's it.  So, I wanted to open this up to get folks opinions thus far to the Tirico-Jaworski-Gruden announcing booth.  How have they been thus far, and how would you say they've compared to some of the other announcers the 49ers have had for their games this season?