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Are the 49ers anti-clutch, unlucky, or just not good enough?

For the baseball fans out there, the idea of "clutch" has been a cause for great debate.  Some argue that statistics have disproven the notion of clutch, or at least that a player's "clutch" numbers mimic their career numbers.  Others insist that some players come up big in key situations.  Whether that's true or not is up for debate and not quite the point of this post.

Rather, this season has seen several instances where the 49ers as a team have not been able to step up in a key situation.  One of the biggest examples, in my opinion, is the Green Bay Packers game.  After storming back to make it a one possession game late, the 49ers twice forced third down on the final Packers drive but could not make the necessary stop to get the ball back.

I ask about the luck issue because of numerous instances where breaks just do not seem to go the 49ers way.  You've got the Vikings game and the referees in the Seahawks game as two specific examples.  In many of the game threads I've noticed comments about the 49ers not getting the breaks and being unlucky.  When you look around the NFL and figure out the so-called "clutch" teams, they're basically the better teams in the league.

Due to that I'm wondering if as the 49ers improve (whether it be next year or whenever), all of a sudden these breaks will be going more in the 49ers favor. I think one could argue this especially of note given the New Orleans Saints rather amazing comeback against the Redskins.  It seems like when a team is playing well, the breaks just go their way.  So maybe it's not so much about getting the breaks as just making your own luck?

I'd imagine some folks will view this as a mostly pointless issue, but for those who might have an opinion on the matter I'm curious what you think.