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Golden Nuggets: Continuing to look back at the Sunday mess

James was unable to put together today's Nuggets, so I'm taking care of it.  He's actuallyin the midst of something interesting that will make for great reading on the site in the coming days.  I won't say what it is, but it'll definitely be cool.  Otherwise, things are a bit quiet this week.  I would like to point to one thing that annoyed me, although it didn't really surprise me.  A "blogger" over at the Seattle PI decided to make a point of discussing the complaining by 49ers fans.  Obviously this person would NEVER complain if in a similar situation.  On to the links...

A look at all 53 from 49ers' loss in Seattle (Maiocco)

Singletary gives coordinator vote of confidence (Sac Bee)

Gore passed over in game plan (SJ Mercury News)

49ers’ playoff drought would be among longest in the NFL (SJ Mercury News)

When Davis' speed can be enough (Sando -

How I See It: NFC West Stock Watch (Sando -

For those about to rock - we're waiting (

Singletary has list of grievances (

Singletary takes blame for fumbled punt return (

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Punter conquers chill - and wind - to be Mr. Reliable (

Lawsuit could stall 49ers' Santa Clara stadium (

Pro Bowl Update: Week 14 (

On the Road with Rod: Seattle Trip (

49ers have to find a way to get Gore back into their offense (49ers Examiner)

Finished, With an F (49ers Webzone)

B-A-L-A-N-C-E (49ers Webzone)