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Golden Nuggets: Super Bowl, need I say more?

Morning everyone, James here with your Nuggets. Again, there's not much news and I don't expect there to be much. I'll throw up some Super Bowl coverage from the usual bay area news sites just because, but there's a couple of links for you to browse. I'm kind of out of football mode right now, which is odd considering the Super Bowl is today. I'm watching tennis right now, as I generally do when the important tournaments come around. My guy was eliminated two days ago (Verdasco) so I'm enjoying this match without really caring who wins. Much like the SUPER BOWL today, though I want the Cardinals to win because it'll be good for our division and will keep the Steelers tied with us for five super bowl wins. Anyway, here's your links.

So Goodell has confirmed that the NFL has asked the 49ers and the Raiders to share a stadium. (

Barrows hosts another Q&A concerning the state of the Niners. (

Singletary did not offer the job to Scott Linehan, technically. (

Local sports figures (including Shaun Hill) predict the Super Bowl outcome. (

Here's the scouting report from the Chronicle for the Super Bowl today. (

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