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Golden Nuggets: Beast mode, anyone?

Good morning. So today I've actually got a question, I've been wondering for awhile. I came to NinersNation right around the beginning of the preseason. I mean, I came before then for news when I was starved for it but I didn't participate at all until the beginning of preseason. Now my question is, back around this time last year (draft time) were people saying we needed Patrick Willis? Was he a name on here at all? What were the prevailing thoughts? There seems to be a lot of options and opinions this year, did anyone predict Willis being such a beast? And the last question is: if he wasn't, who was NN's clear-cut "we need this guy" pick? Sorry for using the Nuggets to do this but I couldn't think of much to say today and its nice to make it look bulky. Sue me. Here's your links! (you know I love ya)

So as you likely already know we've released Tully Banta-Cain and Keith Lewis. (

Could Jennings be next? To be honest, I really hope so, he hasn't really produced and he's always hurt. I figure we could find somebody who does more than him in high school. They could at least do a play or two before cracking. (

So we've got opinions saying that the Niners should definitely consider Sanchez if he's available at the 10th pick. You wont see me comment on a lot of these potential picks, as honestly I didn't pay too much attention to college football this year. Which saddens me, to be honest. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at some offensive tackles that we could potentially have coming our way with our first pick in the draft. (

Here's a look at why Banta-Cain and Lewis were cut. (

Rachal is ready for beast mode. This is good. I'd like a lot of production from him next season. (

That's all I've got for you right now, enjoy, discuss, etc. You all know the drill. (And if you don't, welcome!)