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Golden Nuggets: Release Jennings, please.

Hey everyone, good morning and all that jazz. Not a lot going on in Ninerland today, though I'm greatly anticipating the release of T Jonas Jennings. If you have to ask why then I have to ask "Where have you been?" But anyway its mostly because he's making more than more productive players, he's always hurt, and he doesn't provide stability whatsoever. So, in short, we need to release him and I'm just waitin' on giving you the good news. Who should we replace him with? I don't know, but I know we need someone. Again, there's not a whole ton of news today but I've got a few quality links for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and come back hoping for updates (even though, you know, I haven't done that in awhile.)

First, gotta give some love to Danny's article--mine will be pushing his down but his is definitely a better read always, make sure you check it out. (

Mike Sando at ESPN hosted a Q&A (he covers the NFC West) and the Niners come up a few times. (

The defense is likely going to be the biggest overhaul this offseason--not surprising considering who out head coach is. (

Should Bryant Johnson be back? This article seems to think so, though I seem to think not. (

Here's a "Team Report" on the 49ers from Fox Sports. You likely know all this, but its a fair summation. (

Kiper is picking the 49ers to take DE Aaron Maybin in his latest mock draft. (

Here's a Q&A with LB Parys Haralson. (

Barrows has a quick chat with Singletary and one of the topics is Bruuuuuce. (