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Niners Nation All-Time Teams

After months of balloting, we finally filled out our Niners Nation All-Time Team.  One of the drawbacks to balloting for the 49ers All-Time Team is that several of the positions really could not be voted on.  There was going to be no question that Bill Walsh would coach the squad, Jerry Rice would be the #1 receiver or Ronnie Lott would be the first safety on the team.  In spite of the automatic selections, we had some spirited balloting at other positions.

For those who are relatively new to the site, I developed short lists of 4 or 5 individuals at each position and opened it up to voting.  Terrell Owens seems like the second best receiver in 49ers history, but it's not surprising John Taylor won the vote.  Such is the life of a popular vote.  You can see the roster at the bottom of this post.

However, now that we're finished, it's time to move on to a roster I thought would be even more fun to develop.  The Niners Nation All-Crap team.  However, before we get started, I wanted to open this up for discussion on ground rules for the roster because I'm not sure of the best way to do it.  Given the number of positions I don't think it'd be a good idea to do an entire roster.  However, if you guys think there are enough possibilities to fill the roster, we could work on it.

Maybe we come up with the ten most hated 49ers?  Or the biggest draft busts in 49ers history?  Or the truly awful players in 49ers history.  If we come up with several different options, nothing is stopping us from compiling numerous such teams, so get creative.  Consider this an open thread to come up with some options for these sorts of teams.

While we're discussing that, feel free to check out the various members of our All-Time Team.

Coach - Bill Walsh

QB #1 - Joe Montana
QB #2 - Steve Young
T - Bob St. Clair
G - Guy McIntyre
C - Jesse Sapolu
G - Randy Cross
T - Harris Barton
RB - Roger Craig
FB - Tom Rathman
TE - Brent Jones
WR #1 - Jerry Rice
WR #2 - John Taylor

DE - Fred Dean
DT - Leo Nomellini
DT - Bryant Young
DE - Cedrick Hardman
OLB - Charles Haley
ILB - Ken Norton, Jr.
ILB - Gary Plummer
OLB - Dave Wilcox
CB - Jimmy Johnson
CB - Eric Wright
S - Ronnie Lott
S - Merton Hanks

Special Teams
K - Ray Wersching
P - Andy Lee