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Golden Nuggets: I'm starved for more news, honestly..

So we've finally got some news yesterday/today though I'm sure you've already read it on this site. If not Roderick Green made a few Niners headlines after being arrested and there's a few general articles to look at. Other than that not much but its all good reading and I suggest if you're starving for NIners news you give it all a read. Got a good article about wide receivers and that's what's mainly on my mind right now--what should we do at WR? I'm liking the position we're in now but another addition couldn't hurt, we need people to respect the passing game so they stop stacking the box on Gore and what not--we cant have an effective running game if they don't worry about our receivers.

Make sure you took a look at the 10 questions that Maiocco and Fooch both answered concerning the 49ers and the offseason. ( and

I'm sure you've already heard, but of course I need to link to it--Roderick Green was arrested recently. (

And a general article from Kevin Lynch--basically touching on a few recent happenings and asking a few questions. He describes the OC hiring as "un-sexy" which is so awesome, to be honest. (

A look at potential draft choice DE Aaron Maybin. (

Aaaand a look at the safety position this offseason. (

Barrows takes a few looks at the state of our WR position. I really feel like we could be a lot worse off. (

The 49ers are holding a first annual State of the Franchise conference. (

Aaaand another edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. (

We likely have the edge in cap space over the Cards after they make a few of their re-signings. (