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Golden Nuggets: NOW is it draft time?

Good morning everyone. Is it weird that the only Niner-related thing I'm thinking about today is Danny's stats? Seriously I need more and he had BETTER post them. (Serious business, Danny.) Anyway, all that aside we've got general offseason articles concerning who we should sign, how to do it, who got arrested for marijuana possession, etc. In other words, there's not a ton of news but there's definitely good reading for a starved Niner fan. Get to readin'.

Do we look to the draft or to free agency for a WR this offseason? Personally, I don't mind either but if we go draft it'd have to be a big name first rounder. (

Kevin Lynch has a general article, though he focuses in on the FB position. I really like Zak Keasey as a player, but I agree we need a different type for our new offensive philosophy. (

I find it funny that this deserves its own article but either way it is a possibility that the 49ers could look to Garcia if the Buccaneers don't sign him back. (

Was Isaac Bruce a good move or a bad move? Though it should be called "Was Isaac Bruce an awesome move or an awesome move?" (

49ers area scout Ethan Waugh keeps us up to date on the scouting meetings going on in the Niners organization. (

Instant Debate: Best QB in NFL history? (

PFW is just a little slow (forgive them folks, they have to tap their sources) but they let us all know that the hiring of Jimmy Raye raised some eyebrows. Shocking, breaking news. (