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Golden Nuggets: Number 4? Bull!

Morning, morning. If you wanna know what the headline is about, I'm talking about the third link. There's like, no news whatsoever today. There's some opinions, and a couple other things but really I'm gonna try and find anything I can that's of interest. Maybe I'll post some links on our division rivals, that being said no news = me not having anything to talk in the intro, so enjoy and I apologize for the rather short article.

Matt Barrows hosts a Q&A. He does this a lot, always a good read. (

Go read Danny's post if you haven't yet, I almost feel bad pushing it down a bit. Almost. (

Someone elses take on the top ten linebackers--Patrick Willis makes an appearance. (

The Falcons will attempt to trade Vick. I post this because people have said we could possibly go after him, and the Niners are even mentioned in the article. (

The Cardinals are catching up in the offseason--promoting a DC from within the organization. (