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Golden Nuggets: Safety First indeed.

Good morning. So I've suddenly stopped caring about the WR position because honestly I really have no clue which direction I want us to go in that regard. If you look towards the third article (in the rather short list, sorry, not a whole lot today) its titled "Safety First" which I DEFINITELY agree with. We need a playmaker at safety, Roman isn't cutting it and I'm not sure I like Mark Roman too much. I'm intrigued by Jimmy Williams but beyond that there's a ton of question marks and I think its what we need to address in free agency first and foremost. No, I don't want a QB, the only thing that could MAYBE be a little more important than a safety is a pass rusher. That being said, here's some links. Enjoy.

I'm tired of all the quarterback speculation. Now, its all well and good that we can look for something for the future and I'm talking two or three years from now but as of right now I feel like Shaun Hill needs to be named the starter. That's about it. Either way, I'm not complaining about this article at all, it just talks about the situation. (

New team president Jed York is likely going to be aggressive in free agency... This is good. Very good. (

More looks at free agency. I definitely agree with "safety first." (

And even more on that quarterback situation. (