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Golden Nuggets: Singletary Steals the Show

Morning to all, how's everybody feeling after the conference? If you don't know what I'm talking about its the first annual "State of the Franchise" conference and I will admit that I haven't watched it yet. From what I hear though, Singletary stole the show and I cant wait to go watch it, which I'll likely do after I finish this paragraph or so. Either way I've got a bunch of coverage on that for you, a bit about the salary cap, and a bit more (I think.) Either way its a good day for news and definitely read up and posisbly go watch the conference yourself, I think Fooch had some links up below this post. All that being said, here's some links for you, read 'em, love 'em, etc. Enjoy.

Here's an article from the chronicle for all you salary cap buffs out there. (

So do we keep Alex Smith? Yeah, I say we do. Give the guy another chance. (

Apparently Singletary stole the show at the State of the Franchise conference--I wouldn't know because I haven't got around to watching it yet, but I pretty much watch everything Singletary says religiously. (

S'not a good day to be a former 49er it seems. (

Singletary talked a lot about Shaun Hill, Alex Smith and a few other QBs. One of my favorite parts is that he pretty much dispelled the Jeff Garcia rumors by saying he's not really better than Shaun Hill, which I agree with. (

I know Fooch did a live blog of the event, but here's another one from Maiocco. (

The 49ers are definitely in the best position running back-wise in the NFC West. (

Should Rossum stay or should he go? I say stay, personally. (