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49ers NOT interested in Michael Vick

There was some discussion about the 49ers leaving the door open on Michael Vick.  Well, Maiocco is reporting that door has been slammed close.  It's certainly reasonable to think this is just a ploy to avoid tampering issues.  However, as far as I'm concerned, it's sufficient for me to never address Vick/SF issues any further.  People are free to talk about it, but barring any dramatic changes, it's finished as front page post fodder.

Call it the Throw had the most pertinent comment in the most recent Vick FanPost:

Can anyone who wants to sign Vick provide a rational football related reason?

To repeat: he was by all accounts a jerk in the locker room and (look at his numbers) an average to below average quarterback. He was a great runner, but he is now about two years removed from competitive play, has been in jail, will be 29 by the time the season starts, and has suffered through multiple injuries, some serious.

If the best reason you all can give is that there are other people who have done terrible things in the NFL, you are grasping at straws.

To throw out a cliche, he was a whole lot of sizzle, and very little steak.  One could argue he was actually beginning a descent to mediocrity by the time the dog-fighting stuff went down.  No matter how you feel about the dogs, that's not the interesting argument in the Vick rumors.  It's the fact that he's really not that good.  He's got a cannon for an arm and can run like crazy but never really turned into a legit and good NFL QB.  At least that's my opinion (and obviously an opinion shared by many).

If you feel like discussing Vick in this thread, let's keep it off the dogs and on the field.  Discussing the dog-fighting raises emotions which are not conducive to a clear and lucid argument.  I feel the on-field numbers say it all.