Terrell Suggs apparently to be tagged by Ravens

FOOCH'S NOTE 9:05: Thanks to ProfessorBigelow for posting this.  Interesting, though not entirely surprising, development.

Looks like Baltimore has made a decision, and apparently if they can't come up with a deal by the franchise deadline, they are prepared to place the franchise tag on Suggs, according to the Baltimore Sun.

That being said, it looks like one of the BIG free agents is off the market. Does this change anyone's ideas on who we should chase via free agency? Is anyone besides me slightly (scratch that, MASSIVELY) disappointed by this news? Or does this open the door for the team to chase after another Baltimore D Free Agent, such as Ray Lewis (a tempting idea, even if it does not address immediate needs)?

Personally, I have been a Houshhamazilla fan, so I'm glad this may focus the free-agency direction towards him. Now 'scuse me while I go dream of Willis and Lewis wearing Niner throwback jerseys, hitting Al Davis so hard he explodes into a massive cloud of dust and brittle ceramic, while I laugh like a school girl as Lewis does his happy pre-game dance over his ashes...

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