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Golden Nuggets: In Singletary I Trust

Good morning folks, sorry my post is going up a little late. I'm really in a hurry right now so I apologize if today's 'Nuggets feels a little rushed when you're reading it. All I care about today is that we've confirmed we're not going after Michael Vick. This is great news to me because I think he'd be horrible for this team in general. Not because of what he did with those dogs, from a pure football standpoint I don't want somebody who throws the ball half as well as I can. But moving on from this I've got a bit more for you today, so make sure you're checking out everything on this site and then head off to read the links I'm providing. Enjoy and all that good stuff.

There's a couple things to look at today, but make sure you check out and discuss the Niners Nation links first. That being Terrell Suggs likely to get the tag, the 49ers NOT being interested in Michael Vick as well as the uniform changes in 2009. (

And here's a bit more on the whole Michael Vick situation and him coming here (or not coming here.) I'm with Fooch on this one, I hope this is the last time I have to post anything about the guy. (

Maiocco has some lingering thoughts about the state of the franchise conference held two days ago. (

Should we trust Singletary? I do. I cant tell you what to think though. Wait, yeah I can, I report news! TRUST HIM! Or... bad things will happen! The world is dangerous, etc etc. (

An interesting article on our current QB position. I believe the job is Hill's to lose. (

Another stadium article, though I'm a bit more realieved because the words "Whatever we do, we are going to stay the San Francisco 49ers," were spoken and that's just swell. (