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Golden Nuggets: No QB in the first round for us, please!

Hey everyone, morning and all that jazz. I was hoping for another good day news-wise, with lots of links to report and whatnot but really there's not a whole lot. You wont find a bunch of news but you'll find some interesting takes and opinions that you should definitely check out. We've got more stuff about the quarterback situation, some thoughts on the upcoming NFL scouting combine and even more stuff about the quarterback situation. Did I mention there's stuff about the QB situation? Good. Anyway, that's what I've got for you today. Read on and click away folks. That's all.

Would it be better for Alex Smith to start fresh? (

Maiocco has some thoughts upon arriving at Indianapolis in preperation for the scouting combine. (

A look at another potential draft choice, QB Mark Sanchez. I personally don't want a QB drafted in the first round or even the second, but if I had to pick one it'd be him. (

Atogwe is off the market now...which sucks. (

A look at the GMs in the NFC West. (

The 49ers will supposedly make no big splashes in free agency this year. (