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Golden Nuggets: Its OK, we'll win the next two.

And get seven, right? Right..? Look, it wouldn't kill you folks to be optimistic. Anyway, man what a game, right? I can say I'm not too disappointed by the fact they made it to six before us (at least it wasn't the Cowboys, right?) It was a good game and there was some pretty funny commercials to go along. As far as Niners news goes, there's seriously not much at all save for more about the stadium. I'll go ahead and get the post up and hope against hope that there will be something with which to provide an update in a few hours.

Shaun Hill says he didn't want to watch the super bowl--judging by how he sounded, I doubt he did. (

So not like its news to you, but the Steelers came up with a huge win yesterday. (

Please no shared stadium, I haven't much else to say other than that. (

Kawakami says this was the 6th best super bowl in about 25 years. (

That's all I've got, sadly. I hope to update though.

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