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Golden Nuggets: The Combine is Upon Us!

Morning everyone, James here gettin' ready for another edition of the Nuggets.Things are heating up, we've got the combine and we're starting to see what the free agency picture is going to look like. From what I've heard we're not going to make any "big splashes" this year which is fine, so long as we at least address positions of need. There's not very many big name players for safety and wide receiver, so a big splash isn't necessary (assuming we get a pass rusher in the draft.) So anyway I've got a few links for you, some stuff about free agency, the combine, and I haven't compiled the links yet but I'm betting there's going to be something about the quarterback situation, go figure, right?

As Fooch already stated there will be two press conferences this morning: one from Singletary and one from McCloughan, you can watch them at (7:00 AM PST and 7:15 AM PST respectively.) (

Here's an official list of franchise players and a look at what we could possibly be after. (

Maiocco takes a look at some of the draft-eligible offensive tackles. (

This isn't 49ers-related in particular, but general NFL news. The NFL provides answers to CBA (collective bargaining agreement) questions. (

Sorry, Focch. I've got an article about Vick here and its goin' on the front page! Thankfully nobody is advocating him this time. (

Samuel Lam gives some opinions on the new uniform situation. I personally cant get interested in uniforms, or at least I cant get hyped. When they release I'll say I like 'em or I don't. This man knows his unis, though. (

Q&A with OT Eugene Monroe, a potential pick for the 49ers. (

Ten Questions as the 49ers hit the combine. (