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Golden Nuggets: A family is fine, so long as you can keep 'em pumped.

Good morning all, welcome to another edition of the Nuggets and once again I'm kind of in a hurry so if this seems rushed, I apologize! If you're wondering what I'm talking about with the headline of this edition of the Nuggets, check out the first link I have. Singletary wants this team to run like a family. He wants to be a father figure to everyone on this time, and this I can understand. He's the guy who can do this but I really, honestly hope that Singletary doesn't forget why we won those games at the end of the season--he fired these guys up, got 'em pumped and they went out and played inspired football. So long as we can still "hit 'em in the mouth," then all is well. I don't have much for you today but what I do have is good reading. Enjoy.

NOTE: I had more for you, Maiocco has been doing a great job of being incredibly up-to-date with updates and coverage of the combine but I cant seem to get his blog to load. I will update as soon as I can with more links.

Mike Singletary wants the 49ers to be a family. (

The 49ers want a back to share the load with Gore. Apparently Thomas Clayton isn't going to be that guy. (

More on Singletary's interviews and such, this one focusing more on the QB situation. (

Here's the text version of Scot McCloughan's combine interview. (

And Singletary's. (

Samuel Lam does a good job recapping the interviews. (

Aaaand yesterday's edition of McCloughan's Mailbag. (