Crabtree in a Niner Uniform

News just dropped that Michael Crabtree has a slight stress fracture in his foot and will be out "10 weeks and will not work out before the draft."

While I am never excited to see any player get hurt, this could be fantastic news for niners fans. Crabtree, who is by far the best WR talent in the draft and possibly the best overall offensive talent, was projected to be drafted in the top 3. But now that he wont participate in anything prior to the draft and a new injury to his foot could possibly scare teams resulting in him falling down draft boards.

Two questions to pose-

1. do you think Crabtree will slip down to #10?

2. if he does fall down draft boards from this injury, should the niners draft him?

I personally think it would be a no brainer for the niners to draft a talent like crabtree regardless of the injury, if he falls to us. Thoughts?




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