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Golden Nuggets: Not interested in Crabtree, to be honest.

Good morning all, James here for some more Nuggets. All the news is combine related mostly, save for GASP something on Michael Vick. (Sorry Fooch) So if you've watched it all there's not a whole lot here for you, but again, the articles I'm posting are from people who cover the Niners so you'll see a lot of talk about how it can affect our pick in particular. The big news is Crabtree not working out, being hurt, etc. Personally, I don't feel like he'd be a good choice for us--we have bigger needs than a wide receiver I think. Either way, read on folks.

Not that it'll actually happen, but if WR Michael Crabtree fell to the tenth pick, would you want the Niners to draft him? Personally, I wouldn't. (

Wow. This is awesome, not even going to tell you what it is. (

Here's a little info about what went down yesterday at the combine. (

The 49ers once again make a statement: "We have no interest in Michael Vick." (

A look at some of the things going on at the combine from a 49ers area scout. (

Here's the Q&A with a potential 49ers pick, Brian Orakpo. (

Another Q&A with Barrows, always a good read. (