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Golden Nuggets: My Mouse Is Broken Edition

Now with more broken computer periphrals!! Good morning, all. James here, using perhaps the last working electronic device in my house. My Xbox 360, my MP3 player and my mouse have all broken in the span of four hours. The first two aren't so bad, I will replace them tomorrow but man its been hard doing the Nuggets by keyboard navigation. Either way I've got some links for ya, one way or another. You guessed it, its all about the combine, should most certainly check it all out, and wouldn't you know it we've got another article pertaining to Mike Vick. (Kind of, its disguised. I think maybe I'm just finding these on purpose to mess with Fooch. Maybe tomorrow I'll link to nothing but Vick stories. It'd be a blast.) Anyway, enjoy.

Maiocco recaps the combine (sort of) and gives a ton of opinions and information about things. (

Jimmy Raye sends out playbooks to Shaun Hill and Alex Smith. Once again I'm kind of disturbed that Smith seems to be getting priority over Hill. I hope its nothing, really. (

Apparently the bay area needs outlaws. What a way to look at it. (

So who's going to be the safety then? I like Williams of Goldson, honestly. Just a gut feeling, and my gut feelings are usually terrible, so meh. (

Definitely a good article about drafting quarterbacks here. (

McCloughan on the combine. (

Barrows has some observations on the combine. (

I really really really really (imagine me saying 'really' like another fifty times here) don't want the 49ers to share a stadium with the Raiders. Really. (