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49ers best case draft scenario? Not so sure...

Mike Sando spoke with Rob Rang of NFL Draft Scout fame about each NFC West team's best case scenario come draft time.  What confused me about it was that it didn't seem like a best case, so much as almost every possible option for the 49ers.  The players he mentioned included:

Brian Orakpo
Everette Brown
Jeremy Maclin
Michael Crabtree
Mark Sanchez
Aaron Maybin

I think it's safe to say that at least one of these guys will be available.  In his analysis, Rang threw out a lot of maybes, as opposed to one guy who would be the absolute best case scenario. 

So who do you think would be the best case scenario (realistically) with that first round pick?  I'm not asking for some options.  Throw out one name as the best case and why.

I'd say best case is Michael Crabtree dropping to the 10 spot.  It's somewhat realistic due to the injury and he's an immensely talented player.  I'd guess all except maybe Aaron Maybin are likely to be available at the 10 spot.  Injury aside, I think Crabtree would be the most talented option at that spot.  Maybe the 49ers have bigger holes, but wide receiver is not so sufficiently set that it'd be a good idea to pass on Crabtree if he dropped to them.  What do you think?