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49ers Free Agent Target Updates

Although I don't always believe what I read on the Internet (only a little bit of the time), I think it can be useful to get an idea of what's going on out there.  Two potential free agent targets are Seahawks FB Leonard Weaver and Titans DT Albert Haynesworth.  Rotoworld had some interesting comments that might not bode well for those of you jonesing for either guy:

Leonard Weaver
Rotoworld News: The player rep for free agent FB Leonard Weaver doesn't envision his client re-upping with Seattle.
Rotoworld Analysis: "Being a realist, I don't see it," the agent said. Weaver has already been linked to multiple destinations, but too often by writers who don't know his game. He's more of a third-down back than an old-fashioned lead blocker.

Albert Haynesworth
Rotoworld News:'s Peter King believes that free agent Albert Haynesworth has overrated his market value.
Rotoworld Analysis: The Falcons and Lions have already all but pulled out of the running and King suggests that only Redskins owner Dan Snyder will pony up. Snyder had dinner with Haynesworth's agent over the weekend. King says Haynesworth's falling stock stems from his injuries, motor, age, and obvious price tag.

The Weaver comments are not surprising and were somewhat confirmed by Maiocco in his post yesterday:

The 49ers are in need of a fullback. Might they go after Seattle's Leonard Weaver? He's young and has many good years ahead of him. Those in the know say Weaver does not fit what Jimmy Raye and Mike Singletary (or is it Mike Singletary and Jimmy Raye?) want to do with the offense. Weaver would've been a better fit for Martz's scheme. The 49ers this offseason will be looking for a thumper - you know, somebody like that guy they had in 2007 when Frank Gore rushed for nearly 1,700 yards. What was that guy's name? Oh, yeah, Moran Norris.

If Weaver is not the answer, and if Richardson re-signs with the Jets, that does seem to leave Moran Norris as the most likely possible fullback in 2009.

As for Albert Haynesworth, doesn't the comment about Snyder eating with Haynesworth's agent raise tampering concerns?  Maybe it doesn't, but it certainly seems a lot worse than what the 49ers did with Lance Briggs and the Bears.  But what do I know right?  Either way, I haven't seen many other news updates about Haynesworth.  It doesn't seem like the 49ers are in the running, but for those who really want Haynesworth (and you know who you are), any news might not really leak out until this weekend.