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Golden Nuggets: And that's it for the combine.

Good morning everyone, and welcome to those of you coming over from Yahoo! Sports! This is James and what you're reading is my daily segment here at the Nation, Golden Nuggets. Its a daily compliation of news links from around the web written by yours truly. Pretty much when you wake up, you can expect there to be some links for you to browse if you're hungry for 49ers news. If you stumble across something I miss I encourage you to register and let me know in the comments wth your own links! I try and fit in my own opinions on the matters but you can ignore those if you'd like! Either way if this is the first post you're seeing here make sure you click on the first link (or scroll down just a little bit) and read the welcome post from Fooch.  That being said, here's some linkage. (Oh and in reference to the headline, it was very underwhelming I must say. Save for the linebackers.)

As mentioned above, get to readin' this welcome message from Fooch with details on the partnership with Yahoo! Sports. (

Maiocco checks in with some thoughts on the draft, free agency and what the 49ers may be doing with their cap space. (

Samuel Lam takes a look at the same prospects concerning cap space. (

Here's a combine wrap-up from the official website. (

Barrows takes a look at the combine and provides answers to a few lingering questions. (

Is Malcolm Jenkins going to be a NFL cornerback or NFL safety? (

Checking in with Mike Nolan, could he be looking to take some of the 49ers free agents over to Denver? (

That's all I've got for right now but I intend to update in a few hours, feel free to comment and get in the discussion new members!