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Niners Nation 2009 Mock Draft 2.0

Earlier this month we ran our first mock draft of the offseason to start generating some ideas on who might end up where.  It probably wasn't entirely accurate even at that point, but it was a good jumping off point.

Now that the Combine is over and free agency is about to get started, I thought it was time to get a new mock draft going in the next couple weeks.  I'm thinking late next week would be roughly when it would get started as major free agents will have probably changed locations by then.

One difference with this draft is I want to go 2 full rounds, so 64 picks.  We had 14 people involved last time, so it'd be nice to try and bump that number up if at all possible.  Please indicate in the comments if you'd be up for helping out.  Basically, everyone will be randomly assigned at least one team (and more if we don't have a full 32 volunteers).  You'll need to do a quick bit of research about your team(s) and then, when you make the pick for them, you'll need to include some details on why you picked the way you did.  Check out our first mock draft for examples.

Also, for those who get involved, we use the reply all email function to keep it going, so if you don't want your email seen by other members of the site, that will be a bit of a problem.

At this point, the following folks from the first draft indicated their interest in the next one:


If we can get 32 people that'd be awesome, but if it's gonna be less, that's certainly fine as well.  So, just indicate your interest in the comments.  Again, this draft will likely start late next week.  The previous draft took us 16 days to get through, so I'd really like to speed it up this time around.