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Golden Nuggets: Takin' it slow in free agency..

Morning everyone, James here. The Nuggets will be up even earlier than usual because I'm still very sick, even moreso today. Hopefully if I miss anything Fooch (and hopefully the rest of you) will have my back in the comments section. Either way I've got a bit for you today, there's not a ton but of course there's some good reading. I noticed a comment in yesterdays edition about podcasts, and from now on I'll try and find some though my search tonight might not be too expansive. I had the idea of doing it once but there wasn't a whole lot updated frequently but I'll see what I can find. So here's some links for you, enjoy.

A pass rusher is definitely our biggest need. (

A look at our needs at fullback. (

Yet another look at free agency and what we can expect this offseason. (

The salary cap is expanding upwards by 4 million this season. (

Singletary has high opinions of Vernon Davis. (

We're going to take it slow this free agency, which is odd because I've heard people say "no splash" "big splash" "agressive" and "slow." I don't know which to believe. (

More looks at our potential free agents, with opinions from Maiocco. (