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John Clayton says the 49ers have interest in Houshmandzadeh

FOOCH'S NOTE 10:45PM: According to Mike Sando, on NFL Live Houshmandzadeh listed the Seahawks, Vikings, Giants and Eagles "among the teams he told his agent to approach in free agency."  So who knows what that means about the 49ers. 

In his NFL Live appearance, Housh said, "[i]f I can play with Adrian Peterson, can you imagine what I would do getting one-on-one coverage with Adrian Peterson? I am going to win 98.6 percent of the time with one-on-one coverage with him in the backfield."  Frank Gore is not Adrian Peterson, but could still get him in some good one-on-one positions...

FOOCH'S NOTE 10:15PM: Consider this officially confirmed.  Barrows is reporting the same Clayton comment, although there is no confirmation from the 49ers.  Definitely an intriguing start to free agency.

Over at 49ersWebzone, the front page had a quick post that said:

ESPN's John Clayton says that the San Francisco 49ers are one of five teams showing interest in free agent wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh.

I flipped over to ESPN and didn't hear anything about it.  I'm going to keep an eye on Sportscenter for the next hour and hopefully I'll get an update.  I don't see why they'd make this up.  If it is true, it certainly goes against the local talk that the 49ers would not jump right into things and wouldn't be going too big.

I'm not a huge fan of signing Houshmandzadeh but I do think he's a very talented wide receiver.  Furthermore, I think he has several years left in the tank.  He's 31, but he doesn't have a ton of wear on the tires as he didn't get into the NFL until he was 24.  So depending on how much it would cost the 49ers I could see good things with a big guy like Housh.  He's not a big deep threat so if the 49ers made a move on him it wouldn't be like going for a deep burner wasted on an arm like Shaun Hill.

Definitely more to come on this potentially developing situation.