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Golden Nuggets: And So It Begins!

Morning once again everyone, James here and I still cant seem to get over this flu or whatever it is. But I'll leave it at that since you read this for news on the Niners rather than news on my health. But yes, the Nuggets are going up earlier than usual again. I'm hoping to be back on schedule tomorrow. Free agency is officially on and there's already talks about the 49ers being interested in WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh and possibly a few others. It'll be interesting to see what our approach will be since I've heard so many conflicting stories about how the 49ers will neither be agressive nor passive and how they'll either make a big splash or not. So read on folks, enjoy the links and lets hope this free agency turns out well. Enjoy.

McCloughan seems content to take things slow and spend pretty much no money. Ugh.. (

McCloughan also doesn't seem incredibly confident that Alex Smith will actually be back next saeson. (

Two pretty decent safeties are already off the market. Safety is a position the 49ers seriously need to address. (

Here's a link I forgot to post yesterday, a player who knows a bit about Jimmy Raye gets interviewed about what the OC can bring to the 49ers. (

Just a couple notes from McCloughan concerning some of the 49ers free agents. Interesting bits about Jennings and Spikes, and even Ronald Fields. (

Barrows thinks the timeline for a new deal with quarterback Alex Smith is somewhere around mid-March. (