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49ers re-sign Allen Rossum

We've got the free agency thread below, but for any actual 49ers signings it's obviously worth pulling it out on its own.  Matt Barrows is indicating the 49ers have re-signed Allen Rossum for another year. 

There are no details on the contract, but I am definitely very pleased with this development.  When Rossum was healthy he was a beast in the return game, which is something the 49ers lacked for many years.  Although he might get banged up, whatever you do get from him when healthy is more than worth the cost.

What I'd really like to see is the 49ers having a youngster to work with Rossum this season to really get a feel for the return game.  Either way, this bodes well for the offense since a healthy Rossum back returning kicks and/or punts means better field position.  It's pretty funny how apathetic I was to the signing last year.  My how times change.  This is a good start to free agency.