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49ers reportedly agree to 3 year deal with Moran Norris

Well that was quick then.  Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, via, is reporting the 49ers have agreed to a deal with Moran Norris for $5 million over 3 years.  It's good to see the 49ers taking care of some important business right away with this deal and the Allen Rossum deal

You know this certainly makes Frank Gore a happy camper.  Gore's best season came with Moran Norris leading the way.  It's a shame he had to be exiled to Detroit for a season, but he's back now.  This obviously doesn't guarantee an improved running game, but it's a good sign.  It'll be good to see this come training camp (although that might not actually be Frank Gore because of the right arm tattoos, just pretend it is for the purposes of my little dream):