ESPN Report: Warner possibly talking to 49ers

FOOCH'S NOTE 6:30PM: Thanks to Dub4lif3 for spotting this article.  I've made a couple small changes to clean it up a little and will have plenty more if this develops further.  Kurt Warner is certainly a better short-term option than Shaun Hill and I'd like to think that even the Hill fans would admit that.  It's being reported by a "source" to Len Pasquarelli, so it sits as a rumor right now.  John Clayton had heard the 49ers were interested in TJ Houshmandzadeh and the 49ers were quick to deny that.  So we'll see how this plays out.  Definitely more to come.

you can check out the story there, a surprise to me that his agent his talking to us, and if we land him, i hope he puts up MVP-Like numbers like last year, but it's also a burden to shaun hill, he deserves time to be a starter, wut ya'll think about this?

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