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2009 NFL Free Agency: A meat and potatoes kind of day

First off, today is the 7th Annual Crab Festival in Union Square.  The 49ers make an appearance at this event ever year and this year will include Joe Staley, Manny Lawson and Guy McIntyre (with potentially more).  The event starts at noon and includes a tasting area ($5 entry fee, cash only) and a crab-cracking competition.  You can get player autographs for $20, with proceeds benefiting the 49ers Foundation.  I'll be heading out for the event and will have the red 49ers cap from my avatar.

It's safe to say the first day of free agency was a success for the 49ers.  They didn't make any big name or big money signings, but they took care of some essential areas (assuming pen gets put to paper).  I'm sure there are some people out there who would say whatever, but I think these moves are important building blocks for a potential playoff team.

Takeo Spikes locks up the Ted for the next couple years with a guy who clearly has something left in the tank.  Just as useful is that it gives the team some time to find the linebacker of the future to pair with Bamm Bamm.  While it'd be nice to find a young ILB in this year's draft, the pressure is not as immediate to find such a rookie.

Allen Rossum showed what he could do while healthy.  Danny indicated he wasn't that good on punt returns, but if you see this Danny, I'd like clarification on that point.  He didn't return a ton of punts (not enough to qualify in the rankings, but among anybody who returned even 1 punt, Rossum finished seventh in the NFL on punt returns (15 returns with a 14.9 yard average).  I'd say that's not too shabby.

Finally, Moran Norris is a guy most people wanted back in the fold.  Norris alone won't bring back the Frank Gore of 2006, but it certainly can't hurt.  I've definitely got my eye on the running game this coming season.

There were plenty of other rumors out there about the 49ers, and potential 49er targets.  Of all the explanations for the Kurt Warner rumor, one that Barrows threw out makes the most sense: This provides serious leverage for Warner in getting a deal done with the Cardinals.  There are plenty of reasons for AND against bringing in Kurt Warner.  Whatever your view of Warner, I think most would agree that the Cardinals are not in a position to let him walk.

Chris Canty was a guy mentioned yesterday as a guy the 49ers wanted to bring in for a visit.  However, it wouldn't surprise me if he was latched up sometime this weekend before getting out to the Bay Area.  He's in NYC for dinner with the Giants and a meeting on Sunday, with a visit to Seattle scheduled for Monday.  Apparently he already pushed back a meeting with the Titans.  Given that the 49ers don't even have a meeting scheduled, it's not looking likely that he comes to town.

As per Maiocco, Brandon Jones had a physical performed last night and will meet for breakfast with Mike Singletary today.  Demetric Evans will be in town for a meeting on Monday.  Neither is a blow you away type of guy, but could provide some depth options.

I'll be out for this crab business for a few hours around lunchtime, so as info comes down the pipeline, make sure and throw it up here.