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Golden Nuggets: Day Two

Good morning everyone, as we enter the second day of free agency. The 49ers didn't have a Redskins-type day (holy... 100 million, are you serious? And I didnt even WANT Haynesworth) yesterday in free agency we certainly weren't napping. We made some good signs and there's a few rumors floating around. One of them concerns Kurt Warner and honestly I would hate for us to get him. The only reason I'd want him is so the Cardinals don't have him, he doesn't fit out scheme at all and I don't relish the idea of Singletary changing our philosophy for the guy for one season. Either way there's some other rumors and what not, I've got the links for ya. Read them, enjoy, comment. all that good stuff.

A look at some of the moves, most notably signing FB Moran Norris, signifying the teams return to a run-first philosophy. (

Is Kurt Warner coming to San Francisco even feasible? I don't think so, but that's just me. I'm stubborn. (

Redskins defensive end Demetric Evans is supposed to visit the 49ers soon. (

Grading the 49ers' first day of free agency. (

Just more on who we signed, but this article mentions three names at DE that we could be interested in. (

Barrows has some opinions on the Kurt Warner situation. (

Five questions with new QB coach Mike Johnson. (