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49ers sign Brandon Jones to a 5-year deal

Unlike the moves mentioned yesterday, this deal is officially complete today, as the 49ers were kind enough to shoot out a press release on the deal.  Also, just updated, it's 5 years, $16.5 million.

Although contracts aren't guaranteed in the NFL, a 5-year deal shows a lot of confidence in this kind of signing.  Last season Jones finished with 41 receptions for 449 yards and one touchdown.  In 51 games as a Titan, Jones finished with 112 receptions, 1,380 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.  He's entering his fifth season in the NFL so he hasn't made that leap to the next level yet.  Will he ever make that leap?

Barrows had a short Q&A with Jones, in which Jones emphasized that he thinks he's faster than he was before ACL surgery.  If he is the deep threat he came into the league as, and he claims to be, do we have another Ashley Lelie on our hands?  Given the length of the contract, the 49ers clearly don't think so.  Do you?  Much more to come on this.

FOOCH'S NOTE 11:50AM: Just got the transcript of his press conference.  I'm headed to Union Square for the crab cracking competition (some 49ers will be there for those who missed the post below).  I'll just throw up the transcript for now.

RE: You came in last night, had your physical and now you’re a 49er.

“I am, man. It feels good to be a 49er. I’m looking at this red around here and I know I’m going to look good in it. So I’m excited.”

RE: Is that a little strange to go from thinking one way for so long and now all of a sudden you’re on an entirely different team?

“Man, it is. This whole process is strange, how you’re just in one day and out the next.  It’s how it is. I love it, I’m blessed, I’m fortunate to be here and I’m just ready to start playing, being a 49er. I’ll go home and be with my family and soak all this process in.  It’s been tough to swallow, but it’s unbelievable and I’m excited.”

RE: What do you bring to this team?

“I bring a deep threat. I bring a possession guy. I bring a guy that is going to get out there on the perimeter and block. We have a great running game here, so it always helps. I bring physical-ness. I want to go out there, work as hard as I can and give it all I got.”

RE: What did you know about Coach Singletary before and what was it like meeting him in person?

“At first, I thought he was a real tough-nosed guy, and you can tell he is, but after talking to him, you know that he wants it. It’s his will to win and the fire in his eyes that make you want to play for a guy like that. I’ve always heard that players love to play for him and they play hard for him. So, just meeting him at breakfast, it just lets you know that you get a feel for it. To want to play for a guy because he wants to win and he wants to get this thing going in the right direction, as so with the GM. So, it’s going to be great being around here and playing for a coach like that. I can’t wait to start.”

RE: Have they talked to you about your role in the offense and what wide out position you’ll be playing?

“No, not exactly. He basically told me that I’ll have a chance to compete. That’s all I’m here for. That’s what I want. The opportunity to go out there and compete. That’s what this game is about. There are a lot of talented players, but I just want to have that chance to compete and go out there and practice. Nothing is going to be given to you. He told me that. Nothing is going to be given to you and I wouldn’t appreciate it if it was. My mom certainly wouldn’t appreciate it if it was given to me. So, I’m certainly prepared.”

RE: The 49ers had a wide receiver with the initials B.J. (Bryant Johnson) last year. How are you different than him?

“We’re two different people. There are a million ‘B.J.’’s in this world, but there is only one of me. We’re going to be different people. I’m sure he worked hard and did his due around here, it’s unfortunate that he’s not here, but it’s fortunate that I am. I am going to start over and I have a new role. I’m going to take it the best I can and play to the best of my abilities.”

RE: Why do you think the best days are ahead of you as an NFL player?

“I’m young. I haven’t reached my full potential. I’ve been in an offense that doesn’t throw the ball as much. I’ve taken the best of my opportunities when we did throw the ball. I’m just ready to elevate and step up my game and be showcased – get the ball more, get more opportunities and that is what I look forward to. I know my days ahead are the best days ahead of me.”

RE: Are you back to where you are physically having injuries in the past?

“Definitely. I feel more than 100%. My body feels great. I went through last year not having any problems. That is what this league is about. If you can stay healthy, you can do things out there on the field. I’m not worried as far as my playmaking ability. I’m going to go out there and make plays. It’s all about being blessed and being fortunate to stay healthy and getting your body right to be out there to stay on the field because that is how you get better.”

RE: How were you used last season in Tennessee?

“I was used more in the third wide receiver role – second and three. So, third down a lot. Tennessee would run the ball. Run, run, run and then we would pass. When it was time to make those plays and you’re down and you need to throw the ball, that is when you get used. That is all you can do - do your job on offense. You would love to call the plays and get a pass play every down. That is just not how it works.”

RE: Coach Singletary talks about a power-run, so how does that fit into what you want to do?

“That’s great. That is how you win ball games. If you don’t have a run game or a power run game, there aren’t too many ball games that you’re going to win. You can’t be one-dimensional. I’m going to fit in because in Tennessee that is what I’ve been a part of. Even in college, I was part of a great running game because you have to get out there on the perimeter to block. Once you’re out there blocking and you have those guys that can run like Frank Gore down the field, I mean he can go as far as the blocks can take him. I’m going to get that extra guy out of the box. I’m going to get down there and get physical. I’m going to be a part of the run game and not just part of the passing game. I want to be all around.”

RE: You wearing the Yankees hat, did they draft you at some point?

“Yes, they drafted me out of high school. I decided to go to college. I played baseball at college high school. When I was taking trips, I had to decide for both a football coach and baseball coach. So, it had to be a match of both when deciding on schools. I played college baseball for two and a half years, and then I made my decision to stick with football. I’m at a good point in my life.”

RE: What position were you in baseball?

“Center field. And I can hit a curve-ball too.”

RE: What did you weigh in during your physical?


RE: Is that where you usually play?

“Yeah, it is. In the season, I get down to maybe 205 or a little bit under that so I can feel a lot more shifty and know that I can blow by guys. 208, I mean that is mainly where I am and normally where I’m at. Get to working out, you add on muscle.”

RE: You ran a 4.38 before being drafted, is that speed still around?

“You know, I think I’ve gotten faster. I had an ACL injury my rookie year. I came back better than ever. I’ve never felt better. They say you can come back from an ACL either slower or faster. I came back in a short period of time and was ready to play that next year.”

RE: Did you meet with Jimmy Raye at all?

“No, I haven’t.”

RE: What is the length of the contract?

“Five years.”

RE: Would you want Isaac Bruce to come back or be a teammate of his?

“Definitely. Isaac Bruce, he is someone that I have looked up to in my life. Watching him and his ability to go out there and the way he plays the game, it would be a joy for me to play with someone I’ve looked up to for so long and get that experience, get to watch him, see the things he brings to the game and be able to take some things and learn from him. I would love to play with Isaac Bruce. If not, it’s unfortunate, but I’ll be able to watch him. I’m pretty sure I’ll watch a bunch of film from last year and see him out there. So, I’ll still get to learn and steal some things that he does.”