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Jon Stinchcomb re-signs with New Orleans: OT's flying off the market

It looks like the New Orleans Saints agreed to a 5-year contract with offensive tackle Jon Stinchcomb.  I'm rolling this out as a separate post due to Florida Danny's prior statistical look at offensive linemen.  He came up with what he thought were the four best offensive tackle options in free agency, which included Stinchcomb, Vernon Carey, Stacy Andrews and Mark Tauscher. 

Stinchcomb, Carey and Andrews are all officially off the market.  That leaves Mark Tauscher as the only option left in that group of four.  Tauscher turns 32 in June and is coming off ACL surgery late this past season.  ACL surgery is tough to come back from for anybody, let alone a 32 year old offensive linemen.  Can any of the medical folks in the audience inform us about the odds of such success for a player over 30?  In a position where you're hunched over for much of the time, that can't be a good thing.

So, will the 49ers instead opt for a potential diamond in the rough as they might be trying to do with Brandon Jones?  Or do they just go big in the draft at the 10 spot?  What is the best way to approach a position that still seems to be an area of need?  Or maybe you think they're fine at this point and a guy like Adam Snyder and Barry Sims will be fine for now.