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25 Random Things about my 49ers Fandom

I'm not sure how many of you have Facebook accounts.  If you don't have one, every so often some Facebook feature will gain popularity and everyone will pass it along to their friends.  The latest craze is something called "25 Random Things..." where you post random stuff about yourself.  Anyways, I thought I'd do something similar with 25 random things about me and my 49ers fandom.  It includes things I've done, thoughts on favorite players and some of my experiences here.  As it says, it's just 25 random things (and not as easy as I thought it might be):

1. I’m just a bit superstitious during games.  During the epic playoff comeback against the Giants I walked around my coffee table for the entire second half because I thought it was helping the 49ers score.

2. The first piece of 49ers merchandise I owned was a t-shirt I got for Christmas when I was in 4th grade.  My teacher was a Bengals fan so I wore that t-shirt every day through the day after the Super Bowl.  I did wash it often enough, but it’s still something that’s probably a bit borderline nuts.  Haven’t pulled that one since.

3. When I was 11, I listened to the 49ers lose to the Giants in the 1991 NFC title game on Armed Forces Radio in Saudi Arabia at approximately 2 in the morning while wearing a gas mask (It was during a Scud attack during the Gulf War…and no I’m not making that up).

4. Unlike that Giants fan, the 49ers have never made me cry.  Although in college once they made me throw my remote control against a wall.

5. If they were to win the Super Bowl while I’m still blogging about them, I might actually get blacked out drunk and be discovered on the steps of SF City Hall in my Joe Montana jersey.

6. I liked Steve Young better.

7. Even though he went to Dallas, I was always a closet Prime Time fan.

8. I don’t think Arnaz Battle is appreciated nearly enough considering the transition he made from QB to a wide receiver who, when healthy, is better than people give him credit for.

9. I remain amazed how easily the Charlie Garner era was forgotten.

10. I’m never buying the jersey of a 49ers starting QB again.

11. For the newer folks, I live-blogged the entire 2 days of the 2007 draft and almost went nuts doing it.  To view my dissent into insanity, here’s Day 1 (part 1), Day 1 (part 2), Day 2 (part 1) and Day 2 (part 2).

12. Although there are a couple of days here and there without a post, I’ve basically spent every day of the last 2 years and 1 month thinking about the 49ers.  Considering I have very little writing experience, it shows you how far passion can carry something.

13. Since moving to San Francisco I’ve been most comfortable watching the 49ers at home by myself.  It goes back to the superstitions and I feel I can control the situation better (yes that’s probably a bit insane),

14. I think is one of the greatest websites ever (tied with  You can never have too much useless info in your head.

15. I describe myself as cautiously optimistic, but screw it, I’m a general optimist about the 49ers.  I understand why people get frustrated with the team, but I continually try to look on the bright side of things.

16. The random 49ers draft pick that I was most disappointed got away: Wesley Walls (1989 2nd round pick).  I know we had Brent Jones at the time, but stil....

17. I’ll be convinced until the end of time that the 49ers would have beaten the Packers if they hadn’t lost Ricky Watters in free agency.  Of course that probably would have meant no Garrison Hearst.

18. I’m a sucker for the flashy player, which explains why I’ll remain convinced of Vernon Davis’s greatness for the foreseeable future.

19. My favorite random 49er: tie between William Floyd and Tommy Thompson

20. My least favorite 49er: tie between Lawrence Phillips and J.J. Stokes

21. I was quite pleased with the selection of Giovanni Carmazzi

22. The funniest random moment I can remember was when Steve Young had to put Steve Wallace’s helmet shell back on for him.  It reminded me of when players help another guy pull their jersey back over their shoulderpads after a rough play only funnier.  I really can’t figure out why it was funny.

23. I really don’t know how I feel about George Seifert.  He won a Super Bowl with Walsh’s guys and then won a second Super Bowl with Eddie D’s money.  Two Super Bowls is two Super Bowls, but I still can’t figure out his legacy.

24. This will get me drilled (or is it "drummed"), but I don’t think the York’s are completely incompetent.

25. I might actually cry tears of joy if the 49ers ever win another Super Bowl.  Or that might just be the booze talking.

If you can come up with 25 of your own "random things" you're more than welcome to.  Otherwise you can comment on mine or throw out just a few of your own.