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Golden Nuggets: Two-headed monster?

Good morning all, James here again. I've got a couple of links for you, at least today isn't completely empty. All I can think about right now is what we're going to do at running back and whether or not Thomas Clayton will finally get his shot. I love this guy, he was a beast in the preseason and to me that means you give the guy a shot in the regular season. Either way, I've got a few links for you to look at--oh and I hope we keep Zak Keasey (if only for special teams.)

Our identity.. er... what is it? (

A look at our divsion rivals' potential offseason problems. (

An interesting look at potential fullback candidates. (

So is that sixth title within reach? (

Joe Staley updates his blog, he talks about watching the super bowl. (

Should we go for a dual-back approach? I will say it again.. yes, and with Thomas Clayton. (

Patrick Willis wants to be playing football right now. Right this very second. (

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