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Golden Nuggets: I'm thinkin' draft...

Hey guys. Remember when I talked about there being many slow days to come now that we're well into our offseason? Well this is one of 'em. Stay with me though, read what I'm givin' you, and of course check back later and tomorrow. Of interest today is an article a member made me aware of from SI about the teams most likely to make a Cardinal-esque impact next season, the Niners are one of the three listed, which I completely agree with. Now, of course I'm going to since I'm a Niners fan BUT I'm a Niners fan who's steadily been disappointed season after season, but with Singletary I actually feel like we could do some good. Not to sure about Raye though...

We most definitely need to concentrate on our areas of need. (Pass rusher, etc.) (

The Niners get some love in this article from SI about teams that could make a Cardinal-esque impact next season. Yesss. (

Barrows takes a look at the offensive line and what we've got to work with. (

Here's even more takes on the Niners in the draft. (

I'll close with an aritcle about our offensive coordintors, but don't read it thinking this guy knows a whole lot about what he's saying. (

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