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Golden Nuggets: Any receivers out there want to come to SF? ...No?

Morning once again, all, settling in for another edition of the Nuggets. Of interest today is the second link, though its not the topic of the link but rather something discussed in it. We're supposedly looking for a WR in FA, right? Well if you were a FA wide receiver... why would you want to come to San Francisco? Why would you want to play with the 49ers if you have other options? This intrigues me the most because I honestly cant really think of any. I'd love for someone to show me otherwise so I can be wrong because there's a few good people out there from what I can remember and I'd like to be able to sign at least one of them. Regardless, here's your (little bit of) links that I currently have right now.

Former 49er RB Vic Washington passed away December 31st. Cant so I know anything about him, but sad either way.(

The 49ers are hoping to settle things with Alex Smith by the end of the month. (

So, what to do with all that cap space? (

An interesting article I was made aware of via the above site from the above writer talking about the top 30 free agents and where they might go. (

A look at the points put up by Jimmy Rayes offenses. (

Here's a Q&A with Jimmy Raye. I'm very disappointed that he seems to be.. completely enamored with Alex Smith, and is using Shaun Hill as an oversight. He's going into this as if Smith is the starter which really sucks because Hill deserves it. (

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