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2009 NFL Pro Bowl Open Thread

Afc_all_stars_medium vs. Nfc_all_stars_medium
American Football Conference (130-125-1) vs. National Football Conference (125-130-1)
1:30 PM PST, NBC
NFC -2.5, O/U 65

I said after last week's Super Bowl that the season was complete, but of course we forgot about the Pro Bowl, likely the most irrelevant of the Big 4 All-Star games.  They're moving the 2010 Pro Bowl to Miami, the week before the Super Bowl.  On the one hand, this means that the two Super Bowl squads will not be participating in the game.  On the other hand, given how many players head to the site of Super Bowl anyways, maybe that means more participation.  Injuries will always factor in, but maybe location makes it easier.

I imagine I'll flip to the game at some point, but it's also entirely possible I'll forget.  The big plus to being able to schedule these posts is I can get this up before I forgot about it.  The problem is that, given the nature of the sport, I just don't know if the NFL Pro Bowl can ever become especially relevant.  There's the timing of it, which they seem to at least be attempting to adjust.  A lot of players elect not to play and the ones who do play are playing with stripped down rules.

Of course, maybe we'll get to see Patrick Willis blow up a punter.